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Digg v3 User Registation

There seems to be a slight misunderstanding regarding user registration in digg v3. Just to clarify, digg and all of our containers/topics will be publicly viewable and will not require user registration. However, over the next week we will require user registration to access the new beta areas of the site. Once the bugs are squashed the beta status of the site will be lifted and everyone will be free to browse. The Technology section is completely open to all registered and non-registered users as it always has been.

Sorry for the confusion,

-Digg Staff

Digg v3 Status

(5:00AM PST): Digg temporarily down while we switch over to Digg v3.0.
(6:10AM PST): Digg v3 is live.
(6:20AM PST): Demand is so high we're adding more machines.
(7:50AM PST): We are making a run to bestbuy to pick up some more servers (kidding). Seriously though: We are seeing much higher activity than we normally do, so bear with us as we turn on additional machines and tweak the site throughout the day.
(3:30PM PST): All is running fine. Digg on!

Digg connectivity issues.. round 2

Digg was down due to metropolitan network issues that took down
several of digg's upstream network providers this morning. All is now fixed.

Last update: Friday, June 02, 2006 - 5:10 PM