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Friends in Clouds

You can now see when friends have dugg a story in cloud view. Stories dugg by friends are displayed in green, and on mouse-over, digg displays a list of friends that have dugg the story.

Browse the cloud here.
No friends? Add me or find some here.

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Friends Tracking

Logged in users will now have the ability to track their friend's activities directly on the homepage. You're now able to track stories dugg, commented on, submitted, and stories in the queue (unpromoted).

Have a digg account but no friends? Add me to test it out.
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Ads on Digg

From the beginning it's always been our philosophy to put the focus on
news stories and site usability with ads on the side to support the
site. This is something we'll never change. The last thing we ever
want to see on digg is jumping monkeys or pop-ups. But we also realize
that with our current growth rate we need better advertisers in order
to survive. So three or four months ago we started looking at
companies that could assist us in placing quality (relevant!) sponsors
on digg. In our search we kept hearing about John Battelle's (Wired
magazine founder) new company 'Federated Media'. FM had built a
quality family of sites they represent (Boing Boing, Metafilter, 43
Folders, Om Malik's Broadband Blog, TechCrunch and others) and their
focus from day one has always been matching quality sponsors with
quality sites.

So we gave them a try. It's been almost two months later and we are
happy in that they have brought us such advertisers as
Hitachi, Palm, WebEX, Lenovo, and others.

So what's changing? Nothing. Same ad slots, just more quality
advertisers. But to keep the sponsors flowing we need your
help. FM has asked that we post this short anonymous survey so that
they can better pitch digg to great companies. If you have a minute
to fill it out - great! If you hate surveys and block ads anyway,
that's cool too.

-The Digg Crew

New Digg Comment System Released!

We are pleased to announce the next version of digg comments. To see them in action, click here (quicktime video), or visit your favorite digg story. New features:

- Digg / Bury: Now each digg user has the ability to rate their favorite comments by digging them. If you see an off-topic comment, simply click the bury icon to shrink and remove the comment from view.

- Sorting: Our new sorting method allows you to quickly filter out comments below a certain digg threshold. Looking for just the best? Sort by 'most diggs.'

- Friends: If you see a green comment you know a friend has dugg or
posted it. Quickly scroll through hundreds of comments only stopping
for the ones your friends like.

- Block/Report User: If you find that a user is someone you don't want to read, you can filter out that user (site-wide) by clicking the block user button. With enough user blocks the offending user is reported to the digg abuse staff.

- Threads: To replay to an individual comment simply click the 'reply'. Your comment is now indented and positioned below the original post.

- Edit: You can now edit comments up to 3 minutes after you post them. Clicking transforms your post into an edit box.

If you find any bugs please sent them to support@digg.com - digg on!