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BusinessWeek Story

Hi all - Kevin here,

Wow, crazy week. While we’re honored that BusinessWeek decided to choose digg as their focus and cover story - I just wanted to do a quick post to share some thoughts.

About the headline:
"How This Kid Made $60 Million In 18 Months."
Outside of a regular paycheck, digg hasn’t 'made' me any money – I’m not a millionaire. I assume that their numbers were all based on estimates of the company’s worth.

About digg revenues:
“Digg is breaking even on an estimated $3 million annually in revenues.”
While digg will eventually turn a profit, we are currently not break even. Our philosophy from day one has always been to keep the site lightweight and not bombard users with annoying advertising – something that is very important to us.

As always, our focus is on building a platform that allows you to discover/share news and information in new and exciting ways. Expect to see some pretty amazing new features and tools in the coming months.

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