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Great news for digg!

Digg has reached the 500,000th registered user mark! We continue to grow at a phenomenal rate and we owe it to all 500,000+ of you for digging GREAT stories. As of 2:30pm PST digg has 511,136 registered users. We can't thank you enough, and we look forward to announcing our one millionth user registration sometime in the future.

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Digg's Eli White Releases PHP Book

Congrats to digg developer Eli White for shipping his first book on PHP. The book is called 'PHP 5 in Practice'. Eli will also be giving several presentations on PHP development over the next few months:

Sept 12th-15th

Oct 18th-20th

Zend/PHP Con
San Jose
Oct 30th-Nov 2nd

Go Eli!

Digg, trademarks, and confusion

A while ago our trademark attorney approached us and was concerned we could lose the name 'digg'. I had no idea this was possible as we had already filed for the trademark. Apparently if you don't enforce the TM (meaning not let other sites use it), we run the chance of losing it... which would suck. The last thing we want is to lose our name.

So what to do...

We don't want to shut anyone down (not even the clone sites), all we ask is that you avoid using the name 'digg' in your website names/domains. We're looking to see if we have any other options.

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Video Thumbnails

Starting today, all newly submitted videos from YouTube and Google will include static thumbnail previews. Support for Yahoo! videos is coming soon.

If you're a video hosting provider and would like digg to include thumbnail support for your videos, email us at support at digg.com, and we'll do our best to add you.



BusinessWeek Story

Hi all - Kevin here,

Wow, crazy week. While we’re honored that BusinessWeek decided to choose digg as their focus and cover story - I just wanted to do a quick post to share some thoughts.

About the headline:
"How This Kid Made $60 Million In 18 Months."
Outside of a regular paycheck, digg hasn’t 'made' me any money – I’m not a millionaire. I assume that their numbers were all based on estimates of the company’s worth.

About digg revenues:
“Digg is breaking even on an estimated $3 million annually in revenues.”
While digg will eventually turn a profit, we are currently not break even. Our philosophy from day one has always been to keep the site lightweight and not bombard users with annoying advertising – something that is very important to us.

As always, our focus is on building a platform that allows you to discover/share news and information in new and exciting ways. Expect to see some pretty amazing new features and tools in the coming months.

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Cloud Timestamps / Bug Fixes

This morning we rolled out a couple dozen bug fixes and cloud view timestamps for all topics.

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