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Add Digg News / Email Story

While we are hard at work on major features we were able to turn out a couple quick ones this week:

- Add Digg News: You can now easily add digg news to your own website. When news is updated on digg, it will automatically be displayed right on your own site. You can add any of the main digg categories and stories you have dugg, submitted, commented on, even your stories that have made it to the homepage. You can additionally add your friend's activities in a single feed. Make sure to check out the live preview at the bottom to see what your code looks like before you add it.

- Email Story: For those of you that want a quick way to send stories to friends you can now use our 'email story' feature. Once a story is sent their email address is discarded - we do not store these addresses in our database. To prevent SPAM and ensure your privacy, we have added an 'opt-out' feature to the bottom of every email sent. If this is clicked we then store a one-way hash in our 'opt-out' list. If you or someone else enters your friend's email address in the future, we immediately discard it if we find its hash in the 'opt-out' table. Your privacy is very important to us.

More news coming soon..