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Digg & Yahoo!

Yesterday, I saw a couple digg stories reporting rumors about Yahoo! acquiring digg - I posted a small comment on digg dispelling the rumors and thought that was the end of it. Then, I woke up this morning to see TechCrunch (great site btw), CNN, CNET, and a few others fueling the rumors. So, just to set things straight - we are not in talks with Yahoo. We are focused on creating new features and expanding digg into new areas beyond tech. The recent reports about digg and Yahoo! are just rumors, nothing more.

Digg on,


New digg features launched today

- Digg Search: Our number one user requested feature is the ability to search buried (reported) stories as well as find stories by a unique URL. Today we have added both.

- Digg Clouds: Like digg spy, clouds are yet another way to dive into the digg queue. The more diggs a story has the larger it appears in the cloud. Cloud sorting methods include: chronologically, least or most diggs, and highest comment activity. Clouds give diggers the ability to see what's hot before it makes the homepage.

- Antispam: New diggers are now required to enter a captcha before posting a comment. After the digger has become an active contributor to the community, the captcha will eventually disappear.

_The Digg Crew

Steve Mallett & Digg Code

Yesterday there was a extremely popular digg story "O'Reilly writer Steve Mallett has stolen digg's code". Steve recently created two digg clone sites - iTunesLove and LinuxFilter. The submitter of the story noticed that these two sites were using digg's CSS and at least one digg image (for tabs). What the submitter didn't know was that Steve was using the CSS/images from the open source project 'Pligg'. The clone developers have been notified, and the image will be removed in the next release.

When a story is accusatory, sometimes its often better to research further before digging (I dugg the story too). I'm happy to see the counter story, including Steve's blog, was also dugg to the homepage. More features coming, including a bury for 'inaccurate' posts.