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Growth, SPAM and Fraud

We here at Digg are blown away at how fast the site has grown, and we're thrilled to have all of your support. It is a testament to how the collective wisdom of the masses can really make a difference in the quality and accessibility of content to all of us. As could be expected with such popularity, over the last few months we have noticed an increase of SPAM and user attempted fraud, such as submitting stories for personal gain.

We have developed and deployed systems to help combat this fraud/spam in various ways. In fact, we have new automated fraud control methods being deployed and rolled out weekly. However, it occurred to us that one of the most powerful ways to combat this fraud is to use you, the users, to help.

Much like Wikipedia and Slashdot, we are going to be releasing some features that give administration of this fraud/spam to you, the users. In the near future, you will have the ability to join together and ban inappropriate content site wide (of course we have also come up with some systems to prevent this power from being abused). Still, the idea is to harness the same power that makes Digg so fast and effective to help eliminate fraud equally as fast and effectively.

There will be more news on this is coming soon, but we just wanted to let you know we are aware of the increase of attempted fraud/spam and we are "on it," both internally and with some of these userbase tools to be released shortly.

Thanks again for your support! Happy Holidays!

-The Digg Crew

Digg Spy 2.0 Released

Ever wonder what other users are digging, submitting, commenting on, or reporting? Now with Digg Spy v2 you can spy (in real-time) on all site-wide activity.

How it works –
After loading, Spy automatically polls digg every few seconds for the latest site- wide activity. The Spy page is then updated via AJAX to show the latest happenings.

Choose what you want to spy on –
In the upper right corner of Spy are four checkboxes. These checkboxes represent the type of activities you can spy on:

The new page icon spies on newly submitted or promoted stories.
The thumbs up icon spies on newly dugg stories.
The thumbs down icon spies on stories as they are being buried/reported.
The message icon spies on new comments posted to a story.

If you deselect any of these icons Spy will stop looking for that type of activity. (Example: deselecting everything but comments (yellow icon) will only spy on new comments)

Choose the areas you wish to spy in –
The three tabs represent the different areas within the site you can peer into:

‘spy on all stories’ – Selecting this tab will display activity on both the front page and the upcoming digg queue.

‘spy on queued stories’ – Selecting this tab will display activities performed in the queue. The queue is the repository for all newly submitted stories. If you want to help promote up-and-coming stories, this is the place to visit/watch.

‘spy on front page stories’ – Selecting this tab will display the current activities on promoted front page stories.

Note: Give it a few seconds to poll the system with each option change. Please send bugs to: support@digg.com

Digg on!


December Updates

Hi all – lots of new happenings going on here at digg:

Growth: A little over a week ago, we broke 100,000 registered users (note: not all registered users show up on the /topusers list). Owen fixed a bunch of slow queries and things seem to be scaling quite well.

Jobs: We’re still hiring PHP developers. If you have are a PHP/Javascript guru and live in (or don’t mind moving to) the bay area, we’d love to see your resume. More info can be found here.

Digg terms of service: With all this growth also comes a need for the official terms of service. We wanted to take a clear stance on spam, comment flaming, affiliate linking, and content theft. The goal here is to provide some site guidelines so that you as digg members can make better decisions when reporting bad content.

Missing stories: A common question we receive is the confusion surrounding missing stories. Once a story has received enough user reports it is automatically removed from the digg queue or homepage (depending on where the story is living at that time). The number of reports required varies depending on how many diggs the story has. This system is going to change in the near future. Soon, reported stories will fall into a ‘buried stories’ bin. Users will have the ability to pick through this story bin and vote to have a story reinstated should they believe it was falsely reported.

Story promotion: How can one story (with less diggs) get promoted over another? A little over 7 months ago we changed our promotion algorithm. Stories are promoted based on several factors: Total diggs, popularity of category, time of day, and digg acceleration.

New features: We’ve been hard at work on some pretty cool next generation digg features as well as bug fixes and existing feature updates ('edit comment' and 'comment quoting' is coming). Expect to see a new major feature update next week!

That’s it for now – more news coming soon,

Digg on,