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Growth, SPAM and Fraud

We here at Digg are blown away at how fast the site has grown, and we're thrilled to have all of your support. It is a testament to how the collective wisdom of the masses can really make a difference in the quality and accessibility of content to all of us. As could be expected with such popularity, over the last few months we have noticed an increase of SPAM and user attempted fraud, such as submitting stories for personal gain.

We have developed and deployed systems to help combat this fraud/spam in various ways. In fact, we have new automated fraud control methods being deployed and rolled out weekly. However, it occurred to us that one of the most powerful ways to combat this fraud is to use you, the users, to help.

Much like Wikipedia and Slashdot, we are going to be releasing some features that give administration of this fraud/spam to you, the users. In the near future, you will have the ability to join together and ban inappropriate content site wide (of course we have also come up with some systems to prevent this power from being abused). Still, the idea is to harness the same power that makes Digg so fast and effective to help eliminate fraud equally as fast and effectively.

There will be more news on this is coming soon, but we just wanted to let you know we are aware of the increase of attempted fraud/spam and we are "on it," both internally and with some of these userbase tools to be released shortly.

Thanks again for your support! Happy Holidays!

-The Digg Crew