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Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us here at digg, happy Thanksgiving!

-The Digg Crew

Feedburner Adds Digg Splicer

Feedburner now supports Digg feed splicing. Combine your blog and digg feeds with a single click!

"Share collected links in your feed, too! Splice your blog feed with your links feed from one of the popular link collection services listed below. This service adds a new item to your FeedBurner feed that contains new links you have added to your link collection account."

Pic in action


Weekend fun

Lots of changes this weekend. Ron added more servers to the queue. Owen just fixed a bug this morning that had resulted in the loss of some stories and comments (thanks for the bug reports) – and I've finished specing out some really cool digg v3 features.

Now we build :)

digg on,