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Digg search now with RSS

When most people think of RSS they think of a simple way to subscribe to their favorite news/blog feeds and display it however they want – most RSS junkies use web or standalone aggregators – while others, such as myself, prefer basic live bookmarks. While RSS can be as basic as subscribing to a friend’s blog, it can also be used as a powerful data mining tool.

RSS Search: This is a brand new feature for digg (Owen just turned it live this last Saturday) which allows you to create custom live feeds based on your search criteria. A couple examples: I enjoy pictures from space, especially the nice high rez ones NASA releases from time to time. So, I visit the search page, type in the keywords, “NASA picture,” then choose the drop down, “search promoted.” This instructs digg to give me all stories containing the words “nasa picture” that have, at one point, been promoted to the homepage (insuring the best results). From here I’m presented with the results, but also with a small RSS button in the upper right. That RSS button links to the feed for this search allowing you to subscribe and retrieve the latest promoted NASA picture stories as they become available. These feeds can also be used to assist you in your digging efforts. I choose the drop down “digg areas” then live bookmark several of my favorite keywords such as "ubuntu" and "AMD." This way, I can keep tabs on any newly submitted stories under the keywords I enjoy.

Friends Aggregator: Another feature to check out is the digg 'friends' aggregator. If you have several friends using digg (or other digg members who’s content you enjoy) simply add them as friends in your profile. As your friends digg, submit, or comment on stories, feeds are created to track their activity. Example: I have around 10 or so digg members I track – but digg creates a nice single unified feed containing all their daily digg history (beats looking at 10 or so different feeds).

Enjoy the new search!


Digg now hiring

Digg is growing like crazy, and we need your help. We're looking for hardworking, skilled individuals to help us develop and scale future versions of the digg social news engine.

Full-time employees receive competitive salary, paid vacation, health benefits, and more...

Positions available:

Title: MySQL DBA
Location: San Francisco, CA
Type: Full-time

* 4+ years experience in MYSQL on a high load/volume website
* Advanced knowledge of database design and SQL
* Administering of InnoDB and MyISAM table types
* Experience with MYSQL replication
* Experience with multi-master clustering (HA) a plus
* Experience with MYSQL performance tuning and optimization. (query optimization, index tuning, caching and buffer tuning)
* Experience with backup and recovery process
* Strong knowledge of Linux
* Knowledge/experience creating automated reports using python/perl/php a plus
* Strong knowledge of Apache a plus
* BS/MS in Computer Science or related field

Other responsibilities include:
* Install, configure, manage and maintain gig's of MYSQL databases
* Managing Memory, CPU and I/O performance as well as assuring database health
* Perform appropriate back-up, restoration and upgrades of our servers

Please send .txt resume to: (email subject= MySQL DBA)



Title: Sr. PHP/MySQL Developer
Location: San Francisco, CA
Type: Full-time

* 4+ years experience in PHP on a high load/volume website
* Experience writing clean optimized PHP code
* CVS or Subversion experience
* CSS/HTML experience a plus
* Caching experience a plus
* Ajax experience a plus
* BS/MS in Computer Science or related field

Please send .txt resume to: (email subject= Sr. PHP Developer)


digg the blog

Welcome to the brand new digg blog (blog.digg.com). Beyond simple updates to the digg website, the blog will function as a means to detail all digg-related news, events, upgrades, feature additions, and much more.

digg on!

--the crew